by Amy O

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Arcade 03:23
ARCADE I’m an empty mall, no more money Go home running, see you never A lover of fashion, from street to palace And you’re the latest thing to drop They built it and they came… I’ll admit it, I’ll miss it Nobody thought to resist it The sky in here’s a ceiling And there’s an awful feeling You think that you’re healing You’re not even breathing Find me at the arcade I’ll be at the coinslot Picking all the cherries Sniffing out the jackpot
Canteen 02:33
Bedfellow 02:48
BEDFELLOW Let’s go bedfellow Get in the van Pinpoint sleeping bag I’ll be the man Wide awake middle lane Golden ring Left for dead Left for dead Left for dead Girl of my dreams French fry Red in my eye You take the wheel Animal life on the hill Let me out here Fast food Wolf in the night You caught my eye Little defeat Little defeat Little defeat Go back to sleep… Sometimes walking on air Show me you care Let go of the wheel Let the wheel go Let go of the wheel bedfellow Let go of the wheel Let the wheel go
Arrow 02:16
ARROW Milk storm in the bottom of my cup Visions of summer rides To do list on my mind I live under the bridge No you cannot come through my skin I live under the bridge You like your coffee dark I like to top it off Arrow straight to the heart You are a perfect shot You are a perfect shot Lost dime broke through the grind Goblin I give it to you this time You like metal in dirt You like to see it shine
Honeysuckle 02:03
HONEYSUCKLE Honeysuckle You will start your life again and again From the seed to the bush You’ll push and you’ll push You’ll push and you’ll push Seventy low laps around the track You’ll want to look back From Ohio to the east onto the midwest Time pools in the past Honeysuckle Drawing portraits of faces we haven’t met yet Honey you’re dead From the seed to the bush You’ll push and you’ll push You’ll push and you’ll push
Gold Coin 02:55
GOLD COIN Half asleep looking out at the snow It’s my turn to shovel it though I like the way the static surrounds me Turn it up, draw me a picture Draw me a map, draw me with scissors There’s a bird made a nest in my wall Every night I hear it call La, la, la, la you know how to tease me Make me laugh, instead of worry Draw me a map, write me a story Passing thought Don’t get lost Draw me a portrait Kneeling at a fountain I am yours to lose Wishing on a gold coin Falling down a mountain I can see the whole world Stay inside make a list of what’s yours Gather the rest and burn it outdoors
Deep Throat 01:41
Hurricane 02:24
HURRICANE Do you think we could have caused that hurricane? We were pulling at each other across two state lines We might have stirred the air up with our angry hearts Water crashing down on power lines It seemed fortuitous at the time A storm inclined to keep my inside To keep a mother from her son To keep us all in the dark of what was to come I took pictures of myself to send to you I look so innocent but really I was dying too Maybe I took the light from fallen power lines Cause I was staying in a dark house, Staying in a dark house, Staying in a dark house that night I won’t pretend to know what I don’t It’s a storm that will suck you up There’s no fighting this hurricane… When you made it with your own flesh and blood
Your Picture 02:24
YOUR PICTURE I put your picture in a box Locked it up, nobody can see At the general store I made a copy of the key Just in case Like a stranger at your window Crescent moon, will I be new like the spring? In a tulip’s bloom, two lips they form a word Often said, seldom heard I love you… too! Let’s go to the seashore Pick up snacks at the store Salty fingers and lips I can’t get much closer… than this! Like a letter at your doorstep In the night, out of sight I know it was you On a hollow floor I hear a knocking underneath Feel the beat
Toast 01:10
TOAST Spiderweb under my bed Entire divinations live and die Before I toast my bread And I see you Pulling on a rope Made out of pith and mortar Tug of war inside the belly of the beast That’s a ride I’d like to try Rollercoaster baby, all we do is stand in line And then you’re up I think I’m gonna throw up I didn’t know the city lights Could look so much like fireflies Somebody loves you Just not like I do


cassette from Let's Pretend Records | LPR-140
Bloomington, Indiana 2016

Amy Oelsner - Guitar, Vocals
Madeline Robinson - Backing Vocals
Chris Clements- Guitar, Backing Vocals (Track 5)
Nathan Vollmar - Drums (Tracks 1, 5, 8, 9)
Justin Vollmar - Bass, Drums (Tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10)
Backing Vocals (Tracks 5, 9)

All songs by Amy Oelsner. Engineered and mixed by Patrick Jennings at Unseasonable Sound, Bloomington, IN in September 2015. Mastered by Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording. Image by Marina Gagarina. Title text by Erin K. Drew.


released February 19, 2016


all rights reserved



Amy O Bloomington, Indiana

Amy O started as the solo project of Amy Oelsner in 2004 and has evolved over the years into a full band. Based in Bloomington, Indiana with Justin Vollmar on bass/backing vocals and Nathan Vollmar on drums. For show updates and more find a__m__y__o__ on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. ... more

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